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ARTICLE V: General

As Amended Through July 2, 2014  

Section 1.  The Social Committee has full jurisdiction over the entire property of the Club on all occasions when social functions are in progress.

Section 2.   A ‘taproom or social mixer’ is defined as a Club activity under the sponsorship of a member(s) for the entire membership and signed-in, invited guest.  The purpose of a member-sponsored mixer is to promote friendship and camaraderie.  Mixers are not for the purpose of a family rental, outside rental, birthday party, retirement celebration, graduation, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, etc.

Mixers shall be presented and approved by the Board of Governors and must be coordinated with the Club Manager and Social Chairman or Taproom Manager as required.

Mixers shall be advertised for invitation to the entire membership, up to an allowable occupancy limit, for a designated area with pre-approved hours.  This may be done through the Newsletter, time permitting, or by signage at the Club.

The sponsoring member(s) are responsible for the costs associated for all beer, wine and soft drink beverages which shall be purchased from the Club, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Governors. Liquors may be supplied by the member but must be properly labeled identifying the member/owner. Food may be supplied by the member except in the taproom.  Member(s) sponsoring the mixer are responsible for security, signing in guests, clean up, and other costs identified by the Club Manager, Social Chairman, or Taproom Manager and approved by the Board of Governors.

Section 3.  Attire for social functions shall be coat and tie, dress turtleneck shirt and coat, unless otherwise indicated.

Section 4.  Proper attire is required for use of second-floor facilities.  No member or guest shall be permitted to remain in the auditorium or the tap room without a shirt, shoes, skirt or dress, trousers or shorts.  At no time are men’s hats, ballcaps, men’s tank tops, swimsuits, or bare feet considered proper attire.   The Bar Manager on duty shall enforce this rule except during social functions.  The attire for social functions shall be determined by the Social Chairman and advance notice given to all attendees.  The Social Chairman shall enforce the proper dress at any social function.

Section 5.  Bartenders and other paid employees of the Club are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on Club premises while on duty.

Section 6.  The Clubhouse shall not be used for nocturnal lodging.

Section 7.  All entrances shall be closed and locked.

Section 8.  If any member or members feel their privileges as a member have been infringed upon by any of the House and Ground Rules, they have the right to appeal to the Board of Governors. 

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