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ARTICLE I: Children of Members

As Amended Through May 7, 2018  

Section 1.   Children are not permitted to freely roam about the Club and Club building, outside grounds, parking lot, the wharves and floats unless escorted by an adult.  Children must be under personal adult supervision at all times when on any Club grounds or inside the Club building.  Club members are responsible for the children of guests they are entertaining at or in the Club.

At no time will children be allowed to play in the Club building without a parent or adult personally supervising the activity.  At no time will children be allowed to play on the grounds, docks, or the Club parking lot without a parent or adult personally supervising the activity.

This section will apply for children 15 years old and under.

Section 2.   The orderly conduct of children while on Club premises shall be the responsibility of the parents.  Children will not be allowed to disrupt any activity or function of the Club.  At no time shall children under the age of 16 be allowed in the tap-room after 9:00 PM.  Bartenders are instructed that at 9:00 PM each evening, all children must leave the tap-room.  In the event that there are children in the tap-room after 9:00 PM, the bartender will advise all members present that he or she cannot serve anyone until all children have left the tap-room.  Each member in violation of the rule will also receive a letter from the Board. 

Section 3.   No child under the age of 15 shall be permitted on the third floor Roof Deck

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