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ARTICLE III: Use of Tap Room

As Amended Through August 6, 2018  

Section 1.   Bar Hours: At the request of the Bar Chairman, the Board of Governors has established the following hours of operation of the bar:

Sunday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

*Monday-Thursday 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

**Friday 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturday 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM

*Except on Membership meeting nights, Board of Governors’ meeting nights, Membership Committee meeting nights and Sportsman’s Club Tuesday night meetings.  Closing time on these nights will be at the discretion of the Bar Chairman.

**On Friday, the Bar will remain open if number of members present so justifies.

Section 2. - Smoking 

The ODBC provides a tobacco-free and smoke-free environment to protect the health of its members, employees and guests.  At no time will lighted tobacco or other inhalable materials, nor any lighted or otherwise activated tobacco alternatives such as electronic cigarettes or similar products, be permitted in the Club or on Club property located at Prince Street and The Strand by a member, a member's spouse, a member's guest or any person who has been granted or has gained access to the Club or Club property as a licensee, contractor, agent or for any other purpose; EXCEPT that the Board will designate one or more limited areas on the Club property outside the Club building on the parking lot side of the Club property where members and their spouses and guests, and other persons who have been permitted on Club property, may use tobacco products or electronic cigarettes (exclusive of any other products prohibited by this rule).  No member or his or her guest, or any other person permitted in the club or on club property, may expectorate juices generated by smokeless chewing or dipping tobacco or any similar smokeless tobacco alternative products. 

Whether smoking will be permitted on the King Street property will be determined by the membership after consultation with the M&B Committee.

Section 3.  Taproom Food Consumption  Outside food and beverages are allowed in all areas of the Club other than the Tap Room during normal hours of operation.

During normal hours of operation of the taproom, no individual shall be permitted to bring outside  food into the taproom.  During a period when the bar is operational and the kitchen is not officially open, members may request approval from the President, Bar Chairman or Club Manager to allow for bringing outside food into the taproom.  Members may be permitted to bring cake and ice cream into the taproom during normal hours of operation.  All members shall receive Club Manager, Bar Manager or Manager on Duty approval prior to proceeding with allowable uses of the taproom involving the aforementioned circumstances.  Members are responsible for cleanup of the area used to consume drink and food in the taproom area.

Section 4.  When there is a social function at the Club, the tap-room may be closed by the Social Committee Chairperson when approved by the general membership.  Members, spouses and guests shall depart from the Tap Room at the discretion of the Chairperson or duly designated member of the Social Committee.  Arrangements will be made to accommodate members, spouses and guests not attending the social function by setting up a bar either downstairs or outside.

Section 5.  The Manager of the Bar has full jurisdiction over the conduct of members and their spouses and guests while they are on the Club premises except as noted in Section V, Paragraph 1, and his authority will be recognized and his decisions observed.

Section 6.  The tap-room and Bar shall remain closed while the regular monthly meeting is in session.  Sales will not be permitted during the length of the meeting.  All members in the Clubhouse during the regular meeting will attend that meeting unless excused by the President. 

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