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ARTICLE II: Non-Members

As Amended Through July 2, 2014  

Section 1.  The word spouse includes girlfriend or boyfriend of a member.  The word guest includes all other non-members.

Section 2.  No member may entertain more than six (6) local (Alexandria and adjacent counties) non-members per month at the Club, and the same individual may not be entertained more than six (6) times per year and not more than once in any calendar month, including social activities.  However, guests will be permitted to accompany members through the Club’s premises for the purpose of boarding the member’s boat.

Section 3.  Applicants for membership are permitted access to the Club’s facilities during the period their application is posted on the bulletin board or being acted upon.

Section 4.   All guests shall be registered in the guest book by the member host and said member or members shall register their names as host.

Section 5.   All expelled members seeking reinstatement to the Club membership shall not have Club or guest privileges until duly notified by the Secretary of their election to membership.

Section 6.   All guests and spouses must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion, respect all rules of the Club and vacate the premises when the host member leaves.  The host member or members shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of their guests while on Club property.

Section 7.  No guest shall be admitted to the Clubhouse after 12:00 midnight, even though accompanied by a member.

Section 8.  Guests and spouses are not permitted in the member’s lounge at any time except when necessary in connection with a Club-sponsored activity.

Section 9.  Unless accompanied by a member, spouses or guests shall not be admitted to the Club.  At no time will a guest or spouse be allowed the use of a Club card.

Section 10.  Guests and spouses are not permitted in the Clubhouse on the night of the regular monthly meeting between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

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