Founded 1880


Alexandria, Virginia  |  Latitude 38 ° 48' 10.4'N  Longitude -77 ° 2' 21.8"W


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The M & B Rules adopted March 8, 1999, and revised as of August 13, 2012, are in effect from that date forward.  The standings of all members currently assigned slips and those on the various slip assignment waiting lists, upgrade lists and storage list will remain as they are.  Old Dominion Boat Club expects slip-holders to berth their boats and use their boats on a regular basis.  Slips are not to be used for the wet storage of unused boats, especially during the boating season.

All members must comply with these rules or they may be subject to forfeiture of their privileges at the discretion of the M&B Committee and with concurrence of the Board of Governors.  All slip-holders must maintain their boats in a seaworthy condition.

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