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ARTICLE 1 - Definitions

Section 1.  The M&B Committee is a standing committee of the Old Dominion Boat Club.  The Chairman is appointed by the President and must be a current slip-holder.  The Chair, upon appointment, shall then select at least 5 additional members from the current slip-holders and the various slip waiting lists.  A majority of the committee persons shall be current slip-holders.  The M&B Committee shall regulate and control the slips, berthing of all boats in Club waters, boat ramp, the boat storage area, piers and docks.

Section 2.  The Boat Ramp shall mean the boat launch ramp in the ODBC parking lot.

Section 3.  The Boat Storage Area is that portion of the ODBC parking lot used for boat and trailer storage.

Section 4.  A Member is an ODBC member in good standing with privileges to use the slips, boat storage area, boat ramp and the north and south T's.  Only active ODBC members can be assigned slips.

Section 5.  A Co-owner, for the purposes of these Rules, is a member shown as an owner on the boat title, the boat registration certificate, the boat documentation papers or any boat lease agreement.

Section 6.  Small Boats generally shall have an overall length of sixteen (16) to twenty-four (24) feet and a beam of at least six (6) feet.  Small boats are those which fit into small slips with a minimum of one foot of clearance between the dock structure and the after-most part of the boat such as a swim platform, outboard engine, stern drive or transom and which do not extend the foremost portion, including a bow sprit, anchor or anchor roller beyond the slip’s length or in any way obstruct or impede the interior fairway in any manner.  Small boats are not acceptable for slip assignment in large slips.  The M&B Committee will determine the suitability of any boat for any particular small slip.

Section 7.  Large Boats shall have a certified minimum length of twenty-five (25) feet or more and must not exceed the practical length or width of the assigned slip.  For the purposes of determining length of a vessel, the title, bill of sale, registration or documentation shall be used.  The M&B Committee will determine the suitability of any boat for any particular large slip.

Section 8.  Unless otherwise determined by the M&B Committee, Small Slips shall be those currently numbered 15A through 41 and 45 through 53.  Slips 50 through 53, because of their location and depth, will be assigned with the understanding that they are not up-gradable slips.

Section 9.  Unless otherwise determined by the M&B Committee, Large Slips shall be those currently numbered 1 through 15 and 42, 43 and 44.

Section 10.  The Boating Season for the purposes of these Rules shall run from April 1st through October 31st of each year.

Section 11.  Transients are those members or guests who have a temporary slip assignment or use of the docks and T-ends.

Section 12.   Sub-lessees are those members who are assigned a slip on a sub-lease basis by the M&B Committee.

Section 13.   Slips are those slips within the ODBC Marina as it exists January 1, 1999.

Section 14.  Slip-holders are those members that have been assigned a slip according to the priority of their position on the slip assignment lists identified below.

Section 15.  An Application is an application for a slip form by which a member makes an application for a slip and designates his/her slip preferences.

Section 16.  The Small Slip Upgrade List is a list of current small slip-holders who may wish to up-grade to a better small slip when it becomes available.

Section 17.  The Large Slip Upgrade List is a list of current large slip-holders who may wish to up-grade to a better large slip when it becomes available. 

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