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ARTICLE II - General Rules Governing Slips

Section 1.  Slips are the property of ODBC.  Upon the assignment of a slip to a member, the member only has a right to the use and occupancy of the slip as provided in these Rules.  Moorings are not otherwise permitted within the ODBC Marina.

Section 2.  Slips cannot not be conveyed, traded, leased, sub-leased, or loaned, except as specifically provided in these Rules.  Slips do not convey upon the sale of any boat.  If a slip-holder surrenders or loses his/her rights to a slip, the slip returns to the M&B Committee for reassignment.

Section 3.  Slips can only be assigned to members.

Section 4.  A member may only be assigned one slip.

Section 5.   A slip can only be assigned to a member who has become eligible on the appropriate waiting list in which case, the member becomes the slip-holder.

Section 6.  The slip-holder must be the owner of the boat in the assigned slip.  In the case of more than one owner of a boat, the member first assigned the slip shall be the slip-holder.  A co-owner may be assigned to the same slip once the member has become eligible on the appropriate waiting list.  In this case, each would have the privilege to remain as slip-holder should the other relinquish the slip.  All requirements for slip holding would still apply.

Section 7.  The slip-holder is the intended user of the slip and must be the majority user of the boat in the assigned slip.

Section 8.  It is the slip-holder's obligation to measure the assigned slip and acquire and/or berth a boat that is appropriate in size for the assigned slip so that the slip-holder does not impinge upon the adjoining slips or the fairways around the docks.  The M&B Committee will determine the suitability of any boat for any particular slip.

Section 9.  A slip-holder may request a slip upgrade after assignment of a slip.  Upgrades are small slip for small slip and large slip for large slip.  All upgrade requests must be made in writing to the M&B Committee.

Section 10.  It is the obligation of the slip-holder and the obligation of any member using the docks, any slip or storing a boat and/or trailer on Club property, to maintain a minimum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars/Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000-$300,000) liability insurance coverage on the slip-holder or member's boat and they must provide a current insurance certificate to the M&B Committee on an annual basis.

Section 11.  The name of the slip-holder, member or other person using any slip or storing a boat and/or trailer on Club property,  and the names of all other owners, if applicable, shall appear on the boat title, the boat registration certificate, the insurance policy, the boat documentation papers or any boat lease agreement.

Section 12.  It is the obligation of the slip-holder or member using any slip or storing a boat on Club property to provide to the M&B Committee copies of the boat title, boat registration certificate, boat documentation papers or boat lease agreement upon assignment of a slip, and the slip-holder or member also shall provide to the M&B Committee a current boat registration certificate on an annual basis or upon each renewal of the boat registration.

Section 13.  The Club assumes no liability whatsoever for the safety of, or damage to, any person, boat, trailer or boat equipment berthed or stored on Club property.

Section 14.  In the event a slip-holder or member, using any slip or storing a boat and/or trailer on Club property, is suspended from the Club, the Board of Governors, in its discretion, may require that the slip-holder or member remove his/her boat from Club waters or Club property for the duration of the suspension.  The slip-holder or member shall continue to pay slip and/or storage fees during the period of suspension and shall be restored to the slip or boat storage area upon completion of the suspension.  If a boat is removed, the slip shall be available for sublease.

Section 15.  At the discretion of the M&B Committee and with the concurrence of the Board of Governors, a slip-holder or member's failure to comply with these Rules may result in forfeiture of an assigned slip, and/or suspension of a slip-holder or member's use and occupancy of a slip and/or a fine of $5.00 per day.

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