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ARTICLE III - Securing and Occupying a Slip

Section 1.  Any member desiring a slip shall apply in writing to the M&B Committee on a current slip application form.  The application shall be completed, signed and currently dated by the member making the application and must include a non-refundable application fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), checks only, payable to the Old Dominion Boat Club.  The person receiving the application shall attest to the time and date.  The M&B Committee shall keep the application on file in the order in which it is received and place the applicant, accordingly, on the appropriate waiting list.  It is the obligation of the member submitting an application to update, as necessary or appropriate,  the information in the application.  A copy of the accepted application will be provided to the applicant.

Section 2.  The M&B Committee shall maintain slip assignment and waiting lists.    The lists will be posted on a bulletin board in the Club.  The lists are:

A:  Large slip Waiting List

B:  Large Slip Upgrade List

C:  Small Slip Waiting List

D:  Small Slip Upgrade List

E:  Dry Storage Waiting List

F:  Slip Assignment List

Any request for inclusion on any of the above lists or changes in status must be made in writing to the M & B Committee.  Subleases will be assigned in accordance with the appropriate waiting list.

Section 3.  When a slip becomes available for assignment, the M&B Chair will contact the member on the appropriate upgrade list first.  If a current slip-holder wishes to upgrade, the M&B Committee will assign the slip-holder the new slip and his/her name will be removed from the upgrade list.  If a current slip-holder refuses the upgrade, his/her name will remain on the upgrade list and the next member in line will have the option of upgrading.  Once the upgrade list has been contacted, there will remain one open slip (either the original available slip or the slip the member upgrading was in, prior to upgrading).

Section 4.  After completion of the upgrade process, the M&B Chair will contact the members at the top of the appropriate waiting list until the slip is assigned.  Once contacted, the member shall have seven (7) days to respond to the M&B Committee and accept or pass on the available slip.  If a member on the waiting list prefers to pass on the slip, then the member will retain his/her ranking until there is another open slip.  If a member passes on a slip because it will not accommodate a boat he currently owns, the member may be removed from the waiting list and placed at the bottom of the appropriate upgrade list.  In the event of a pass, the next member on the waiting list will be contacted and offered the open slip.

Section 5.  The M&B Committee may contact potential slip-holders by phone, in person or by registered mail.   If by 30 days from the mailing of the registered letter the slip assignment is not accepted or the M&B Committee is not contacted, then the slip will be offered to the next member on the appropriate waiting list.

Section 6.  Upon assignment of a slip, the new slip-holder must berth a boat of appropriate size in the slip within three (3) months from assignment of the slip.  If the Boating Season ends during that 3-month period, the new slip-holder will have until 30 days after the beginning of the next boating season to berth his boat.  An extension, up to three months, may be granted upon application to the M&B Committee and the concurrence of the Board of Governors.  Failure to berth an appropriate boat in the assigned slip within the allotted time will cause the forfeiture of the slip, and the member will move to the bottom of the waiting list.

Section 7.  In the event of a sale of an existing slip-holder's  boat, the slip-holder must berth another boat of appropriate size, owned by the slip-holder, in the assigned slip within 3 months of the sale.  If the boating season ends during that 3-month period, the slip-holder will have until 30 days after the beginning of the next boating season to berth his boat.  An extension, up to three months, may be granted upon application to the M&B Committee and the concurrence of the Board of Governors.  Failure to berth an appropriate boat in the assigned slip within the allotted time will cause the forfeiture of the slip and the member will move to the bottom of the waiting list.  It is the slip-holder's obligation to notify the M&B Committee of any sale.

Section 8 All boats berthed at the ODBC shall be seaworthy.  Should the M&B Committee question the seaworthiness of any boat with a written 10-day notice to the slip-holder, the slip-holder must operate the boat at normal speeds between the ODBC, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and back to the ODBC, and be witnessed by a member of the M&B Committee and an ODBC officer or a member of the Board of Governors.  Tests such as these will only be required during the boating season.

Section 9.  A slip-holder planning to leave his slip for 7 or more consecutive days must notify the M&B Committee of the vacancy and the expected date and time of return to the slip, so that the M&B Committee will have that slip available for use during the absence.

Section 10.  Slip-holders who do not occupy their assigned slips by May 15 of each Boating Season shall notify the M&B Committee of the expected date of occupancy so that those unoccupied slips are available for sublease or transients.  In this circumstance, the slip-holder then must give the M&B Committee a minimum of 2-weeks’ notice before the slip-holder can reoccupy the assigned slip.

Section 11.  Sub-lessees are assigned according to the priority of their position on the slip waiting lists identified in these Rules.

Section 12.  Winter Sub-lessees are those Members who are assigned a Slip on a sub-lease basis by the M&B Committee for the winter months beginning on the Winter Sublease Begin Date of November 1st and ending on the Winter Sublease End Date of April 1st.  The Committee can begin to assign Slips to Winter Sub-lessees as early as October 15th, subject to availability.

All Winter Sub-lessees end on the Winter Sublet End Date and the Winter Sub-lessee must vacate the assigned Slip by the Winter Sublet End Date.  Some Sub-lessees may extend due to delayed occupancy by the Slip-holder.  The Committee will handle this on a case by case.  If the assigned Slip-holder and the Winter Sub-lessee coordinate with respect to occupancy of an assigned slip, then the Winter Sub-lessee may holdover no more than 30 days beyond the Winter Sublet End Date, subject to the prior approval of the Committee.

Section 13.  Billing for all Sub-lessees is the lesser of the daily transient slip usage set forth in these Rules or the monthly rate for Slips set forth in the Club’s constitution (generally the monthly rate become less than the transient slip usage after 3 days), and if a Sub-lessee is displaced during the course of any month and then comes back into a sublet Slip, the monthly fee is considered paid until the end of the month.

Section 14.  If a Member requests a Sub-lease after the beginning of the Boating Season or after the end of the Boating Season and that Member is senior on the appropriate waiting list to another Sub-lessee, who has been assigned a Sub-lease Slip, then the senior Member cannot displace the junior Member for the period of the sublet.

Section 15.  Should a slip-holder wish to improve the assigned slip, the slip-holder shall present the plans for any improvement to the M&B Committee for its written approval and then to the Board of Governors for its written approval.  Any improvements to slips are at the sole expense of the slip-holder.  Any improvements become the property of the Club.

Section 16. Members may make reservations for transient slips or T-ends with the M&B committee no more than thirty (30) days in advance of an expected stay.    Transient reservations for a non-member made by a member 30 days in advance will be accepted but the member must be present on the vessel while it is docked at the Club, including overnight stays.  Reciprocal transient reservations may be made no more than fifteen (15) days in advance of an expected stay. Slips or T-ends not previously reserved in this way may be assigned to members or transients by the M&B committee on a first come first served basis.

Charges for transient slip usage will be established according to the length of the boat, and will be Fifty Cents ($0.50) per foot per night for members and Two Dollars  ($2.00) per foot per night for non-members.  For non-members, there will be an additional charge for transient slip usage of an electrical connection fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) for each 30 amp circuit and Ten Dollars ($10.00) for each 50 amp circuit per night.  All fees shall be paid in advance or at the time of docking.  Members and transients occupying the north and south T-Docks shall berth their boat so that it does not block the interior fairway between the north and the south docks with no part of the transient's boat extending beyond the last piling on the north or south T-Dock closest to the Fairway.

Section 17.  For safety purposes and access to boats in the marina, the non-member spouse or significant other of a slip holder will be issued an M & B key access card. This card will have access to the King Street patio gate for entry and exit and the south patio door to access the upstairs restrooms. The card shall be used only for access to the boat and not for any other purpose or by any other person, child or guest of the slip holder or sublease holder. All other rules of the Club as pertain to non-members remain in effect. There is a deposit fee of $10.00 for the card. At the end of the boating season if the boat is removed from the marina and stored, upon departure of a sublease holder or upon re-assignment of the slip, the key card must be returned to the Club secretary and the deposit will be refunded.

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