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ARTICLE IV - Dock Rules

Section 1.  All new or replacement dock boxes must be white and either plastic or fiberglass with size, placement and type approved by M&B Committee.

Section 2.  It is mandatory that all boats moored in Club waters have one-half (1/2) inch or larger mooring lines.  If any slip-holder fails to properly berth his boat, the M&B Committee can properly berth the boat at the expense of the slip-holder.  All lines shall not be tied directly to the rings and eye bolts, but must be attached with shackles.

Section 3.  The electric wire leading from the service on the pier to the boat shall be adequate to carry the required service to the boat.  This includes all external wires leading from the vessel, such as pigtails, extension cords, etc.  It is the responsibility of the slip-holder to keep all electric wires out of the water.

Section 4. The float on the north end of the Club is to be known as the “work dock”.  The primary purpose of this dock is to allow members to work on their boats.  If you need this dock for work purposes, please schedule in advance with the M & B Chairman.  The dock can be reserved for up to 48 hours if needed for work purposes.  All scheduled work will be posted with the dates and times of reservation.  When the dock is not being used for work purposes, the float may be used for temporary tie ups by members.  The member will remain on the Club premises while they are tied up to the work dock.

Other members, with permission of the docked vessel’s owner, may raft up to a boat that is temporarily tied up.  Under no circumstances is a boat to be tied up to the work dock overnight without the prior approval of the M & B Chairman.  Temporary tie ups could include but are not limited to launching or retrieving a boat at the ramp, loading or unloading of passengers, washing of a dry storage lot boat, small previously unknown repairs or purchase of food or beverage whether to be consumed on the boat, in the tap room or on the dock.

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