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ARTICLE V - Boat Storage Area

Section 1.  During boating season the boat storage area is to be used, as much as is practical, to store active boats.  This area is not to be used for the long term storage of boats.

Section 2.  During the non-boating season, slip-holders shall have priority for storage space in the boat storage area.

Section 3.  Slip-holders may store their boats on their trailers or blocks in the boat storage area during the non-boating season and shall have priority over other members for the space available.

Section 4.  Those members who are not slip-holders must remove their boat and trailer from the boat storage area at the end of the boating season, however upon written application and approval by the M&B Committee, he or she may store their boat and trailer in the boat storage area.

Section 5.  Members shall not litter, keep or leave batteries, motor oil or any other boat maintenance or repair supplies or debris on Club property.  A monetary fine for clean up costs shall be imposed on the offending member.

Section 6.  All members storing trailers, canoes, kayaks and any other watercraft in the boat storage area must have the owner’s name clearly displayed with 2-inch lettering.

Section 7.  All members who park on the river side of the painted white line (i.e. the boat lot) are required to leave their cars unlocked with the keys in the car.  Otherwise, cars will be towed at the owner's expense.

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