Founded 1880


Alexandria, Virginia  |  Latitude 38 ° 48' 10.4'N  Longitude -77 ° 2' 21.8"W


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ARTICLE VI - Administration

Section 1.  There shall be regular meetings of the M&B Committee as the Chairman shall direct.  There shall be at least two (2) joint meetings of the M&B committee with the current slip-holders; one at the beginning and one at the end of the boating season. There shall be a special meeting called when the Chairman or at least three M&B Committee members request.  Special meetings may be with the M&B Committee and the slip-holders, if requested.

Section 2.  The M&B Committee shall act as judge to settle any dispute that shall have arisen between and/or among slip-holders concerning their slip.  Any appeal of the M&B Committee's decision must be made to the  Board of Governors.

Section 3.  Changes to the M&B Rules must be approved by the M&B Committee with the approval of the Board of Governors.  Any proposed change to the M&B Rules must submitted in writing to the M&B Committee.  Upon approval of the change, the M&B Committee will present it to the Board of Governors for approval.  If either the M&B Committee or Board of Governors does not approve the M&B Rules change, it can be discussed and voted upon at the next joint meeting of the M&B Committee and the slip-holders.  The change will require a majority vote of the slip-holders present to be approved and if approved, it will be resubmitted to the Board of Governors for approval.

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