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EOD Fundraiser - November 6th

10 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Nov 2016
  • Fundraiser guests on the lawn.
  • Ken Falke, founder of the EOD Warrior Foundation, describes how the funds raised that day would be used to help EOD technicians.
  • EOD technicians demonstrate bomb-handling robots.
  • Alexandria Harmonizers perform during the fundraiser.
  • Fundraiser guests on the dock.
  • ODBC President Richard Banchoff welcomes the fundraiser attendees.
  • Chili Lindsay, commander of Squadron 34 of the Sons of the American Legion, addresses the attendees.
  • Fundraiser co-chairman Frank Tobin recognizes the event’s Gold Sponsors, which included ODBC member Marion Moon.
  • Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg salutes both the EOD Wounded Warriors and the people who donated money to help them.
  • Two young fundraiser guests enjoy the mayor’s remarks.
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