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Club History

The Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC), founded in 1880 , was formed to support Alexandrians in their pursuit of water-related activities, most notably rowing and sailing.  In early 1881, the ODBC was home to many of Virginia's most noted rowing trophies and in 1885 ODBC held it first regatta on the Potomac River.

In the early 1890's the ODBC allowed younger members to join as a means to foster the tradition of rowing.  This desire expanded in 1929 when the ODBC offered the use of the Club and its equipment to Alexandria High School.  In 1947, ODBC started the first high school rowing program in the City.  George Washington High School was the only high school at the time and their rowers represented ODBC.      

In the 139 years since ODBC was formed, the Club has grown to 880 active members and is the second oldest Boat Club in the state of Virginia.  The Club's purposes have expanded to combine a dedication to water sports with a tradition build on promoting charitable and community support for Alexandria and the greater community.

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125 Years of the Old Dominion Boat Club



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