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The Old Dominion Boat Club maintains a marina of 53 boat slips. Additionally, we have a work float and 3 “Tee” docks.  Members who are assigned slips are known as slip holders. Members who are not assigned a slip can make a reservation and request berthing at the ODBC.  Members are assigned slips according to the rules set forth in the M & B Rules. Getting on one or more of the various slip waiting lists begins this process. 

This “How To” Guide will assist in making it clear how things work with the ODBC Marina. Please read complete M&B rules on the ODBC, M&B Website for all boating details.

How to Get on the Slip List?   M&B applications can be found on the M&B website or for your convenience, click HERE to obtain an application.  Fill it out and enclose a $100.00 application fee for boats and/or $ 50.00 for other watercraft and leave it for the M & B Committee through the mail slot in the office. Being on a slip waiting list will enable you to sublease a slip if one is available.  You can apply for either/both or all of the following waiting lists:

1.     Large Slip

2.     Small slip

3.   Watercraft

What Happens to My Slip Application?   Once the Committee approves your application by signing it:

1.     Your application fee (check, cash) will be given to the Treasurer

2.     Your name is placed on the appropriate slip waiting list(s)

3.     The M & B Committee returns a copy of the application to you.

4.     You will be offered a slip/space when you reach the top of the list.

What Is a Sublease?   If a slip becomes available for more than 1 week, the Committee can assign the slip to another member who has indicated an interest in “standing by” for an open slip for sublet.  Sublease assignments are prioritized by the position of the member on the appropriate (large or small) slip waiting list. At the beginning of the winter or summer season, the highest person on the waiting list who has indicated an interest in standing by for a sublet will be assigned the slip.  After the season begins, the subleases are assigned first come, first served.  Please note that you will need to fill out a profile on to obtain a sublease as of June 2018.

What Are Non-Up-Gradeable Slips?  There are 3 very shallow slips known as non-upgradeable slips.  Anyone on the slip waiting list is eligible for these slips. The highest person on the waiting list will be assigned that slip. To be assigned a regular deep-water slip, you must get to the top of the waiting list.

How Can I Use the floating Work Dock?  The Work Dock as the name implies is primarily used to perform repairs and maintenance on your boat.  To reserve the Work Dock, members must submit a same arrival/departure day (aka “Day Trip”) reservation request via, indicating the expected start and stop times in the “Special Requests” field on the last screen when submitting your reservation request. The work float can be used to load and unload passengers without a reservation, as long as the Captain remains aboard to make way for a member who has a reservation. Note this is the same process for reserving a T-end or another slip for a “day trip” or same-day use, which is free of charge. Note the Dockwa software requires a charge with a reservation, and the $1 fee listed for day trips should be zeroed out by M&B before confirmation.

How to Make a Boat Slip Reservation at the ODBC? 

The M&B Committee has gone to a computerized process for subleases and transients called:   All potential subleases and transients must complete a profile in the system
Go to, and click on the “Sign up for Free” red button (upper right menu on a cell phone). 
You can also download the app, or click on the “Book Now” button below.

Make sure you indicate your club membership (ODBC member or indicate which reciprocal club), any discounts you believe you should receive in the “special Requests” field. Similarly, indicate an intended arrive/depart time for same day “day trips” to stop by the club for a few hours in the “Special Requests” field on the last screen when submitting your reservation request.  Your reservation will not be confirmed and charged unless your expected discount is verified/granted and your ODBC or reciprocal club membership is validated.

All potential subleases and transients must complete an online profile in the system.  Once you complete your profile you can make your request on line.   Members can request a slip or tee no more than 30 days in advance. (Reciprocal club members can reserve no more than 2 weeks in advance). Non-slip holders assigned temporary berthing at the ODBC are known as transients.

What Happens to My Boat Reservation?  
Once your online request is received your reservation will be confirmed within 48 hours and you will be notified of the confirmation and slip/T-end assignment via the Chat function in the Dockwa app, which will also be sent to the boater via email.  This allows multiple members of the M&B committee to see the communication regarding the reservation and which slip was assigned, allowing others to review the messages sent and assignment or actions taken when any one member cannot be reached immediately.

How Long Can I Stay at the ODBC as a Transient?   The current policy is one week.  All reservations at the T-ends are transient reservations and are not eligible for the member monthly sublet rate.

Can I Just Stop in at the Marina?   If the Tee’s are open, you can temporarily tie up to load/unload passengers without a reservation, as long as the Captain remains aboard to make way for a member who has a reservation. A same arrival/departure day “day trip” free reservation may be processed in as little as 15 minutes, but there is no guarantee for that level of speediness. In any event, do not tie up, and leave the Club without checking with the M & B representative.   The new automated system should allow quick and easy access to see what is available and what is not, allowing M&B to send you to a T-end, available slip, or the Work dock based on other reservations and availability.

What Are the Line Requirements to Secure a Boat in the Marina?   M & B Rules require all boats moored in club waters must be moored with the appropriate size, load and length for their size boat, half-inch lines being the minimum for use by all boats.  Visiting boat owners are responsible for using their own lines. As a courtesy to slip holders, any lines found in a slip are not to be used or tampered with so that when the assigned slip holder re-occupies the slip they do not have to adjust the lines.

Does ODBC Supply Loaner Electrical Power Cords?  No, visiting boaters are required to provide their own electrical power cords.

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