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About Our Chef

Chef Miguel

Chef Michael DeBride (Aka Chef Miguel) known by his peers and colleagues from parts of the USA and abroad. He has a very multicultural ethnic background with a very social outgoing personality. Chef Miguel's classical professional training is from within the USA and other countries from abroad, and it really shows his passion and innovation with a mindset of out-of-the-box cuisine with bold flavors. In the early stages of his culinary ventures, he first encounters Chef Emeril Lagasse as an inspirational mentor in New Orleans. In 1998 when he was establishing and implementing restaurants in South Florida, he was recognized by Gulf Coast Magazine as an up and coming young chef for his new version of fusion cuisine. Chef Miguel established a very reputable reputation across the east coast from areas of New York, South Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. During the years of his culinary ventures, he works with some very recognizable celebrities and has worked or teamed up with some very extraordinary chefs here in the US and abroad. Now! He comes to ODBC to share his worldly culinary experiences of passionate innovative creations for your dining experience.

When Chef isn’t in the kitchen creating unique and innovating dishes for your dining experience, he enjoys doing what he likes to do most, besides cooking, is enjoying “The Outdoors” activities: which includes camping, hiking, rollerblading, trail and mountain biking, and long walks in parks with his buddy, Diesel, his Brendel Boxer. He is also a big sports fan of world soccer and American football in which he had played in both and loves watching, and he is also a student of the martial arts. Another one of his hobbies is music  both mixing and creating  –  something he grew up doing in Bronx NY as a DJs back in some clubs in NY with some very influential celebrity DJs’  back in the 80’s and 90’s. 

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